Display of sports trajectories

Dos Juegos is an analysis and study of sports performance in contact sports from a different perspective.

Why is it for? This is an experimental project which analyses sport trajectories to empower the decisions made in the game.
The goal is to win the match by changing the way we see the game. Analyzing the possibilities of each player encourages their most outstanding qualities to achieve the best performance of the team.

Context. In the last few years, technical developments have resulted in a high degree of reliability in the physical tracking of sports events. As a result, there is now a way to collect statistical and analytical data in real time. For the experiment, we have tracked a women’s basketball match.

Process. After a thorough investigation, various tests and research about representations, Dos Juegos proposes a mockup made with needles and thread in which the expected result of the tracking of the players in a basketball game was represented.
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By the end of the game, we have gathered all the necessary data, which shows every trajectory of all the players during the match. As a result, we get an overview of the whole game.

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